Want to make the most of pregnancy/motherhood?

Are you experiencing anxiety during pregnancy?

Or feeling anxious or low after the birth of your baby?

Do you have a fear of childbirth?

Experiencing couple disharmony since becoming pregnant or the arrival of your baby?

Welcome to the Perinatal Group Practice

We aim to provide excellent affordable clinical care to anyone in need, or at risk of developing and those actually experiencing a perinatal mental illness, and to those who have been suffering silently for too long.
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Our Vision

We wish to provide a service to mothers, fathers, and family members alike, of anyone experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties during pregnancy or after birth (the perinatal phase).

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote perinatal wellbeing. We want to provide quality and compassionate clinical care to prevent and support perinatal mental illness to improve emotional health. We are here to share, empower and connect families.


Be active
Eat healthy & rehydrate
Invest in support for yourself, others
Connect to others and yourself
Kind to yourself

Our focus is on perinatal wellbeing

Becoming a parent involves huge adjustments to many areas of life and functioning for an individual, the couple and family as a whole. This is a transitional phase which presents many challenges and struggles.

We will work together with you to ease the inevitable stress and difficult emotions that come with this period, focusing upon psychic, emotional and physical health and development.

We aim to provide a safe space for you to talk and think, develop a support network, skills and confidence to improve maternal mood and reclaim your life.

How we can help

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Parent-Infant Therapy

Compassionate Focused Therapy (CFT)



One day workshops

Guided Self Help (GSH)

Telephone/Skype/Online therapy

10-20% of women are affected by perinatal mental health problems at some point during pregnancy and for the first year after birth

Around 13-15% experience common mental health problems such as perinatal anxiety and depression

Poor mental health is common during pregnancy and after birth, ranging from mild to moderate anxiety/depression to more severe mental illnesses such as bipolar, postpartum psychosis and post traumatic stress disorder

If left untreated, perinatal mental illness can cause significant anguish to mothers and partners, may lead to maternal death, and can impact on baby’s development

Perinatal mental illness can be treated with a range of interventions which not only benefit mothers, but can also improve parent-infant attachment

Here at PGP we meet the recommendations set out by Centre for Mental Health guidance, where we provide evidence based treatment according to NICE guidelines

We aim to take action to reduce pressure on general practice to enable longer consultations to be offered to women at risk of or with perinatal mental health problems

We are committed to reduce stigma among women with perinatal mental health difficulties

We provide systematic opportunities to focus on the mental health and wellbeing of mother and infant before a child’s first birthday

We collect monitoring data to reinforce the importance of supporting mother and infant mental health and wellbeing


Healthcare professionals can also refer clients. Please obtain consent and send us their name and telephone number and we will make contact.

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