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The joys of motherhood may be true for some, yet for many women pregnancy and motherhood present conflicting emotions of good and bad, a dichotomy of positive and negative thoughts and feelings concerning the changes that are about to take place to the women’s body, relationships, career and life as a whole.

Women have to make huge physical, emotional and psychological adaptions to prepare for motherhood.

Sometimes women may experience an overwhelming sense of shock or fear, anger or resentment amongst other emotions about the changes that are to occur and the need for huge adaption in order to successfully transition into a new phase and cycle of life.

Society often presents a false image of motherhood, reinforcing unrealistic images and expectations, reinforcing self-imposed pressures and demands. Parents may be reluctant to openly express their fears or concerns which may result in depression, anxiety or stress.

Parents may not seek support due to stigma, fear of consequences of doing so, such as your baby being taken away, unhelpful beliefs and perceptions about motherhood and ability to cope.

“It takes a village to raise a child & nurture a new born mother”

The Perinatal Group Practice was established by Anouska Longley & Karina Teeha to provide excellent affordable antenatal and postnatal psychological courses and workshops to mothers, fathers and families in the community.

Anouska & Karina are qualified therapists specialising in perinatal mental health. Both have worked in the NHS and private sector for many years, helping people with depression and anxiety disorders. They also provide supervision to other clinicians. Anouska & Karina have spoken at numerous conferences and have been published in magazines about perinatal mental health to other professional colleagues in the NHS and community groups.

We aim to provide a safe space for you to talk and think, develop a support network and skills and confidence to improve maternal mood and reclaim your life.

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