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Sharing of information

You are meeting with a member of the PGP, which has the following policies and procedures regarding the keeping and sharing of information:


The detailed information about your difficulties that you give to a member of the team, either verbally or in writing, will be used by therapist/clinicians to make an assessment and to provide services. Information about you may be recorded in writing and stored on a computer for this purpose. If you have any queries about how this information will be used, please ask the member of the PGP team you are meeting.

Your right to information:

You have the right to see information held both on computer and on file that relates to you. You should make a request to the PGP team that you are meeting with, and the process for organising this will be explained to you.

Sharing information with other people:

In order to make a proper assessment and provide you with the right advice, we may need to ask other people for information about you, for example your GP, health visitor or midwife. We will only ask for information that may be relevant. We may need to give some information about you to other professionals to help them assess your needs. Again we will only give them the information they need to know in order to provide a service.